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The identity of GEA

GEA was established in 2011 and it is a “Non profit organisation of the Civil Law" for the collective* management and collection of the related rights of the singers, musicians and producers. The name of GEA is the acronym of the distinctive titles of its founding member organisations - GRAMMO - ERATO – APOLLON.
In 1993, the State in the process of harmonization of EU and international treaties institutionalised the related rights of the interpreters, performers and producers of audio material carriers with the law 2121/1993.
The three non-profit organisations namely GRAMMO of the producers of audio and audiovisual material carriers, ERATO of the singers, and APOLLON of the musicians, were established after the relevant approval of the Ministry of Culture for the collective management and protection of the rights or powers that derive from them. After the law 3905/2010 came into force the three societies mentioned above established a joint society for the collective management of the related rights with the purpose to collect the equitable and single remuneration as provided in par. 1, 2 and 3 article 49 l. 2121/1993.

The name of this organisation is GEA (GGI 3245/30.12.2011) which is the acronym of the distinctive titles of its founding member organisations that is GRAMMO - ERATO – APOLLON. The legal status of GEA is a Non-profit organisation of the Civil Law. GEA therefore, after the exclusive assignment by its founding members/organisations, is the only competent entity authorised to negotiate and agree on the amount of the remuneration, to make the relevant claims, and proceed to every judicial or extra-judicial action and collect remuneration from the users.

The work of GEA

GEA sets of powers.

To grant licences to users of music and collect the remunerations due.

To distribute the collected remunerations to GRAMMO, ERATO and APOLLON, which in turn are responsible for the distribution of the said remunerations to the respective beneficiaries, producers, singers and musicians.

Therefore GEA, is a non-profit organisation and its mission is to collect and distribute the collected remunerations for related rights, at the lowest possible cost.

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