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Differences between GEA - EYED and AUTODIAHIRISI

Whenever you plan to present music to a public you should obtain licences both from GEA and the societies that represent intellectual creators (EYED, AUTODIAHIRISI).
What are exactly the differences between these societies?

The difference between neighbouring rights and intellectual property rights Related rights are those of the contributors to the product of music artists, (singers and musicians) and record companies. The period of protection for the product of music to which they have contributed was specified to 70 years and in no way less than the actual life of the right-holder. Intellectual rights are those of the creators of music. The intellectual rights are valid for 70 years after the death of the creator.

Live Performances
As the Law 2121/93 clearly states:
In the case of a live performance only intellectual property rights are to be paid. Neighbouring rights are to be paid in such a case that audio material carrier (e.g. cd, hard disk, etc.) is used for any radio or television broadcasting or for public performance / presentation to the public.

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