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GEA licenses, for the related rights of recorded music, all kinds of businesses, in any kind of legal or corporate form they may have. This means that every time recorded music is used, whether in places of a shopping mall or in an office, or even in a call center of a business when a call is on hold, an annual remuneration fee is due for the related rights of Greek and foreign musicians, singers and producers/record labels.

The making available of music in places or in the services of a business (except for broadcasting and online transmission) to the public, regardless the means of the music use [through PC, from a CD, from a presentation of a radio or a television program] classifies the statutory compulsory licensing for the related rights of recorded music in the category of 'Public Performance' ("secondary use of recorded music").

There are 2 main criteria for the remuneration fees' calculation for the neighboring rights of recorded music. The first concerns the use of music, whether it’s considered necessary or useful, based on the type of the business, e.g. in a club the use of music is necessary, while in a restaurant is useful. The second concerns the size of the business, ex. Surface of the commercial area, PBX lines etc.

You may find below an indicative list of business categories that are require a license by GEA for the related rights of Greek and foreign recorded music:
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1. Clubs / Bars / Shows / Discos / Cafe Bars / nightlife etc Centers
2. Restaurants / Coffee / Cafe / Bar of Theatres & Cinemas / Pubs / Restaurants fast food etc.
3. Super Markets etc.
4. Entertainment Venues / Halls bowling / skating / Billiards / Rolles Skating / Ice Skating / Casinos / Multiplex / Multiplex Culture / Playgrounds / Camps / Theatres / Cinemas etc
5. Luna Parks / Water Parks / Runs Cart / Horse Riding Clubs etc
6. Shops and Service businesses: Shopping Centers , Malls and other businesses like clothing stores , footwear , hair salons , electronics , car rental , bookstores , toy stores etc.
7. Hospitals , Beauty Salons, Spa, Private Clinics, Infirmaries etc.
8. Means of Transport : Airplanes, Buses - Coaches, Public Transport, Trains, Ferry Transportation, Cruise, Bus and Railway stations, Public Transportation , Airports etc.
9. Stadiums and Sports Facilities, Businesses for Sports and Dancing, such as Gyms, Dance Studios/Schools, Beaches and beach bars etc.
10. Places of public events , exhibitions, exhibition centers, outdoor or indoor events private enterprises, openings, celebrations, events, political parties, events organised by municipalities and other State agencies, carnivals, circuses, etc.
11. Business offices, workplaces, banks and other prubblic utility services, industry, shipyards, construction sites, agricultural businesses, greenhouses, flower shops, flower shows etc.
12. Call centers of businesses, offices, organisations, shops etc.

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