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Modify your License

Your GEAs license for the recorded music rights may need to be changed if any of the following parameters are changed:
1. Change of exploitable surface area (m²) of the business
2. Change of the type of businesses (e.g. cafeteria -> cafe-bar)
3. Decrease / increase number of employees, call center services, branches etc.
4. Change of address or contact information.
5. Change of the Brand, Property, VAT etc.

All these factors will have an effect on your licence.
We ask you to let us know of any changes as soon as possible so that we will adjust your licence accordingly.

For the correct calculation of annual remuneration fee and for your better service experience, please contact GEA as soon as possible, either by email: (noting the details of your business and the changes you need to declare)
or by phone at:
801 11 11 432 (from a land-line)
2106752820-8 (from Mobile)

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