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Apply for License

For the TV broadcasting licenses GEA takes into account the annual revenues of the TV station and its broadcasting location in conjuction with its population.

In accordance, all TV broadcasters [nation-wide, regional or local TV broadcasters and cable TVs (incl satellite] can contact for information regarding the licensing process for the Greek and foreign recorded music rights GEAs TV Licensing Department, via email at and by phone at 210-6752820-8 (Mon-Fri 10:00 to 18:00).

Please note that in case of simultaneous non-interactive broadcast of a TV program on the Internet (simulcasting) you should include to the recipients of your email message the address:

Legislation of related rights for television stations
No. 49, paragraph 1 Law 2121/1993 " presentation to the public"-GEA
It concerns the presentation of phonograms of Greek and / or foreign repertoire at TV broadcasting.

For the licensing process for TV stations you can contact GEA by phone at: 210 6752820-8 and via email at:
Soon a licensing application form will be available through GEA's website:

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