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The non-profit collective management society of the singers' rights, with the dinstictive title 'ERATO', is one of the three founding members of GEA, which is the greek non-profit music licensing organisation for the collection and collective management of the neighboring rights of the Greek and foreign musicians, singers and producers/reord labels.

'ERATO' was founded and is administrated by greek performers-singers, as according to law 2121/1993 the performer singer can't collect his/her royalties individually. Therefore, the collection and management of these rights (neighboring) are mandatorily held by a collective management society-organisation.

'ERATO's responsibilties include:
• The collective management and protection of the financial rights of the rightsholders performers-singers.
• The collection and distribution of the neighboring right of private copying as described in article 18 of the L. 2121/1993
• The distribution of the equitable remuneration fees (article 49 of the Law 2121/1993), which are collected by GEA on behalf of ERATO.

You may find more information about 'ERATO' and your rights at the official website of ERATO organisation:

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