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Understanding my royalties

Producers-Record labels are either individuals or corporations that with their initiative and responsibility occurs the first recording of sounds. They are the individuals/corporations that undertook the organizational responsibility and the initiative of investment on the first recording session, the economic risks, the liability of coordination and the project's implementation and they are regarded as the owners (or the exclussive managers) of the claim of the equitable remuneration.

According to Law 2121/1993 the producer-record label can't collect individually the rights resulting from the articles 18 and 49 of the Law 2121/1993, but the (neighboring) rights collection and management must be held by a collective management society-organisation. At the same time, Grammo collects fees by specific types of services as resulted by article 47 of the Law 2121/1993, such as music suppliers/dubbing services and non interactive online services. The fee resulted by the article 47 of the Law 2121/1993 for the interactive online services such as YouTube, Spotify, Deezer etc is managed and collected by producers-racord labels individually.

GRAMMO was founded in July 1994 as a non-profit company and its purpose is the collective management of the producers-record labels rights in recorded music, resulting from the Law 2121/1993 “Copyright, Related Rights and Cultural Matters”.

GRAMMOs responsibilities include:
• The management and protection of the financial neighboring right of the rightholders-producers.
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• The collection and distribution of the recorded music right as defined by the article 18 and in some occasions by the article 47 of the Law 2121/1993.
• The distribution of the collected (by GEA) remuneration fees according to the article 49 of the Law 2121/1993.

For the calculation of the distribution fees towards the rightholders-producers the following parameters are taken into account:
1. Market share
2. Market Share of physical sales
3. Market Share of digital sales
4. the number of times the registered repertoire of the producer-record label is referred on the official airplays of radio/tv broadcasters.
5. The number of times the registered repertoire of the producer-record label is referred on the submitted playlists by businesses.
6. The amount of the equitable remuneration fee in accordance to the submitted playlist by each business.

You may find more information regarding GRAMMO and producers-record labels' rights at:

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