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For licensing webcasting services there are three parameters that GEA counts in, these annual revenues, the type and the audience per year of the service. In accordance to these factors, webcasting services are classified as follows:
1. WebRadios
• Small webcasting services/Microcasters (revenue less than 5000 € per year and to 250.000 visitors per year)
• Webcasting services without advertising (revenue less than 5000 € per year and unlimited visitors per year)
• Commercial webcasting services (revenue more than 5000 € per year and unlimited visitors per year)
2. Multichannel Webcasting Services: Services with more than one music channel (I.e. Soundwash)
3. Portals (I.e.
4. Websites with background music

The licensing of New Media by GEA also ranks the category of intranet radios.

Legislation of related rights on the Internet and in general in New Media
No. 49, paragraph 1 Law.2121/1993 "making available to the public"-GEA
It concerns the presentation of Greek and / or foreign recorded music online.

No. 47 paragraph 1 "reproduction right"-Grammo
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This is the absolute and exclussive right of the producers-record labels, represented by Grammo. The right of reproduction referres to the changing of a phonogram's physical format from one (eg CD or hard disk of PC) to another (e.g. cloud server, web server) and of the conversion from a certain format (e.g. aiff) in a different one (e.g. mp3).

Licenses for on demand services such as spotify, youtube, deezer, napster etc. are issued and managed directly by the record labels of Greece (MINOS-EMI-UNIVERSAL, SONY-FEELGOOD RECORDS, COBALT-HELLADISC, HEAVEN MUSIC, SPICY RECORDS, SOUND OF EVERYTHING etc).

For the licensing process for webcasting services (Webradios, WebTVs, Portals, Multichannel Webcasting) you can contact the New Media Licensing Department by phone at: 210 6752820-8 or via email to:

Soon a licensing application form will be available through GEAs website:

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