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Agreements with User Associations

The basis of GEA’s memoranda of cooperation with user associations is the agreement signed in 2006 between the Grammo, Erato & Apollo Organizations and the Panhellenic Federation of Restaurant and Related Professions (POESE) in 2006.

Memorandums of cooperation of the GEA Organization followed with: Catering & Leisure Association N. Achaias (SKEANA), Association of Food and Tourism Professions of Serifos, Association of Restaurants, Coffee Sellers and Related Professions of Livadia Province, Professional Association of Poros, Association of Professionals of Tinos, Association of Entrepreneurs of Profession Restaurant and Related Professions of Corfu, Association of Catering & Leisure Shopkeepers of Karditsa Prefecture, Association of Restaurants, Cafes, Bars & Related Professions of Lamia, Association of Rhodes Hoteliers, Kos Hoteliers Association of Kougeou and Association of Store Owners of Ladadika, Thessaloniki.

Currently, the memoranda of cooperation between GEA and: