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Business Tariffs

Music is used for broadcasting, public performance / presentation to the public in many different ways, each of which has its own function and specific purpose. For example, using music in a warehouse or office aims to make work more enjoyable for employees. The use of music in a mall for the people who do their shopping or the patrons of a nightclub is also intended for their entertainment. However, in these cases the use of music is directly neighbouring to the operation of the business itself.

The various categories of payroll have been created based on the usefulness of the music based on the type of business, taking into account other criteria such as the area of the space in which the music is used.

You can download the current from 8/2021 public performance fee in pdf format.

You can view and download the public performance fee in hotel rooms in pdf format.

You can see the oldest public execution fee valid from 10/2017 until 7/2021 here .


According to art. 23 par. 2 ν. 4481/2017, the collective management organizations compile a list of the fees they require from the users, which must be disclosed to the public no longer by its publication in newspapers as in the past, but by online publication. By law: Collective management organizations, by decision of the Board of Directors, compile a list of fees required by users (payroll), which is notified to the public by posting on their website, as well as any changes and notified to OPI, immediately , in order to be posted on the website of the latter in a machine-readable format, in a fixed storage location and if possible it becomes accessible through application programming interfaces.

These posts are a prerequisite for the validity of the payroll. “In the formulation and implementation of their remuneration, collective management organizations must apply objective criteria, act arbitrarily and not discriminate abusively.”

GEA pursuant to the law announces its payroll in compliance with the new online procedure of N. 4481/2017. »