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Distribution Regulation & Management Expenses

Distribution Regulation


The distribution of net income is as follows:

Grammo = 50%
Erato = 25%
Apollo = 25%


See more in the pdf below

Operational expenses


The revenues of the Organization come from the claims of payment of the uniform and reasonable remuneration of article 49 par.1 L.2121 / 1993. The resources used to cover the expenses are the revenues from the right of article 49 par. 1 L.2121 / 1993.

Given the non-profit nature of the Organization, no bookings are made but only expenses are incurred. 24.01% , for the year 2018 is 20.17% for the year 2019 is 19.08% , for the year 2020 is 29.37% and for the year 2021 it is 22,74%.

More detailed information can be found in the published transparency report of the Organization in the Financial Data