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In 1993, with the law 2121/1993 on copyright and neighbouring rights, the state, in harmonization of community and international conventions, instituted the neighbouring rights of performers, performers and producers of sound media.
For the management and protection of the property rights or powers deriving from the neighbouring rights, the non-profit organizations of the producers of sound or audio and video material GRAMMO, the ERATO singers and the APOLLO musicians were established with the permission of the Ministry of Culture. . These three organizations, after the publication of law 3905/2010, established a single organization for the collective management of neighbouring rights in order to collect the reasonable and uniform remuneration provided in par. 1, 2 and 3 art. 49 Law 2121/1993.
This body is called GEA (No. Government Gazette 3245 / 30.12.2011) from the initial letter of the distinctive titles of its founding members / organizations, namely GRAMMO-ERATO-APOLLON as a Civil Non-Profit Organization for Collective Management and Collection of the Related Rights of Producers, Singers and Musicians. See also GEA Articles of Association .

Therefore, GEA after the exclusive relevant assignment by its founding members / organizations, is the only one responsible, to negotiate, to agree on the amount of the remuneration of the neighbouring rights, to present the relevant claims for payment, to take any judicial or extrajudicial action and to collect the fee for the neighbouring rights from the users.


The work of GEA


GEA has two responsibilities.

• To grant licenses to music users by collecting the due fees.
• To distribute the remuneration to the organizations GRAMMO, ERATO and APOLLON , which, in turn, are responsible for distributing the remuneration to the beneficiaries of the neighbouring rights, producers, singers and musicians respectively. The fair remuneration is distributed to the Organizations as follows: 50% Grammo (producers), 25% Erato (singers), 25% Apollo (musicians).

GEA , therefore, is a non- profit organization, with the mission of collecting and distributing fees for neighbouring rights, at the lowest possible cost.

Find the full details of the organization here .




When music is played outside our home, beyond our family and friends, then we need permission from all parties involved in its production:
those who created it, and those who contributed to make it accessible to us.
We need permission from both the composers ‘and collectors’ copyright bodies and GEA, the civic non- profit organization for the collective management and collection of the neighbouring rights of artists, singers, musicians and producers.

We need to pay a price for the copyright of creators and the neighbouring rights of performers, musicians and producers.

And that is fair .


Because music unites musicians, producers, performers and all of us who enjoy it.

Let’s learn about the rights of music, to continue to “breathe”, to continue to unite us.