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In 1993, with the law 2121/1993 on copyright and neighbouring rights, the state, in harmonization of community and international conventions, instituted the neighbouring rights of performers, performers and producers of sound materials.

According to Law 2121/1993, the singer-songwriter can not collect his rights individually, but the collection and management of these rights (relatives) is mandatory by a collective management organization.

The non-profit organization for the collective management of the rights of Greek musicians with the distinctive title “APOLLON” is one of the founding members of the unified organization for the collective management and collection of neighbouring rights of Greek and foreign musicians, singers and producers, GEA.

The APOLLO Organization was created and is managed by musicians.

The responsibilities of the organization include:

• The management and protection of the property right of the beneficiary musicians.
• The collection and distribution of the neighbouring right as defined by article 18 of Law 2121/1993.
• The distribution of the collected amounts of no. 49 by GEA to the beneficiary musicians.

The following factors are taken into account for the calculation of the annual remuneration of each musician:

1. Frequency of display of registered music repertoire in the PLAY-LISTS of music users.
2. The amount paid by the user for the PLAY-LIST he deposits.
3. Number of eligible musicians who have participated in the same recordings.

If you are a musician and have participated in an audio recording that is broadcast via radio or television program, apply today to become a member of the APOLLO organization.

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