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Complaints Handling Procedure

Article 15: Complaints – Processing procedure

1. Any dispute that arises between the Organization and its partners, in accordance with art. 42 ν. 4481/2017, may be the subject of a complaint before the Organization.
2. Any matter relating to Chapter B of the GEA Articles of Association, and in particular in relation to the management contract and its termination, the collection of amounts due to members, bookings and distributions, may be the subject of a complaint.
3. The complaint is in writing and is submitted to the Organization in writing in any way the complainant deems fit, including the e-mail, at . The Organization shall inform the complainant of the receipt of the complaint immediately or, at the latest, within three (3) working days from its submission.
4. The complaint is handled by the Board of Directors. This shall be answered in writing and reasoned no later than the twelfth working day after receipt of the complaint, after hearing the complainant. If further factual data is required by the Agency, it shall request it from the complainant within the above deadline. In this case, the Board of Directors shall respond in writing and with reasons to the seventh working day after the receipt of the requested data.