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Differences between GEA


Whenever you want to present music to the public, you must obtain permission from both GEA and the organizations representing copyright creators (EDEM, SELF-MANAGEMENT).
What exactly are the differences between these organisms?


The difference between neighbouring rights and intellectual property rights


As defined by Law 2121/93:
Related are the rights of musicians, artists (singers and musicians) and record companies. The duration of protection is set at 70 years and in no case less than the life time of the beneficiary.
Copyright is the right of the creators of music, ie the composer and the lyricist. The copyright is valid up to 70 years after the death of the creator.


Live Views


As defined by Law 2121/93:
In the case of live performances, only the copyright is due and not the relative’s. The neighbouring right is collected only in the case that a legally recorded audio material (eg cd, hard disk, etc.) is used for broadcasting in any way or for public performance-presentation to the public.