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GEA 2018 Music Gifts

Karamitsiou Sofia, owner and manager of the company “Kinisis Cafe” in Katerini, is the big winner of the lottery “Musical Gifts GEA”!
For the 6th consecutive year, the GEA – Grammo Erato Apollon Organization rewards music users for their respect for the rights of relatives and the work of all Greek and foreign music singers and producers. In this context, GEA held a lottery, in the presence of a notary, on April 27, 2018, which was attended by all music users who paid a reasonable fee for neighbouring music rights, within the year 2017.
Since 2012, GEA has offered double tickets for the Rolling Stones concert in London, and the concerts of Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams, Nick Cave and Lana Del Rey in Athens. This year, the winner will have the pleasure to enjoy the long-awaited concert of Enrique Iglesias at OAKA, on Thursday 10/05/2018.

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