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Announcement of the Board of Directors of GEA

We are following with intense concern the developments triggered by the leak in the type of financial audit finding concerning EDEM, which represents the composers and the lyricists.

We note with regret that, on the occasion of the finding, in the press and social media, the institution of collective management of rights in Greece is being launched.

Our Organization, GEA – GRAMMO, ERATO, APOLLO, manages the neighbouring rights to the recorded music, ie the rights of the artists, singers and musicians, and the producers of the recordings.

Its operation is non-profit.

It is managed unpaid by the beneficiaries and belongs to them.

Each year it is subject to voluntary external financial audit by an independent auditing company. The result is posted on our website, .

We wish the principles of non-profit operation and self-government, global values and pillars of collective rights management, to be adopted in Greece in the field of copyright on musical works (composers and lyricists).

The Board of GEA

  • Grigoris Lamprianidis
  • Haris Alexiou
  • Dimitra Berdousi
  • Margarita Matsa
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