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GEA employees and beneficiaries for fire victims

GEA employees and beneficiaries joined forces in the face of the tragedy that struck our country.

They collected essential items such as medicines (gauze, Betadine and Fucidin), food (cookies, croissants, toast, etc.) and items such as baby wipes and diapers and deposited them in KEELPNO (Agrafon 3-5 Maroussi), from where they will be distributed. in the Municipality of Rafina – Pikermi to meet the needs of fire victims.

At the same time, they deposited money in the account opened especially for the fire victims by the Municipality of Rafina – Pikermi (PIRAEUS BANK, ACCOUNT NUMBER: 5186092291418, IVAN: GR20 0172 1860 0051 8609 2291 418).
According to the latest information, the needs for food have been met, while there is a great need for personal hygiene items, bed linen, underwear, detergents, masks and disposable gloves, sterile gauze, burn gel, Pulvo Spray, Fucidin, Betadine, self-adhesive sutures, painkillers, AA and AAA batteries, power banks, pulse oximeters, electronic sphygmomanometers, forceps and disposable aprons.

The Blood Donation Department of Thriasio Hospital informs that the blood collection for the victims of the fires will last until September, when those who wish to donate blood are asked to do so in the second year, as the blood can not be stored for a long time.

At the same time, apart from Thriasio, blood donations are made in the Hospitals “I ELPIS”, KAT, Agia Olga, Evangelismos, Gennimata and G.N.A. ΣΙΣΜΑΝΟΓΛΕΙΟ.

Finally, in the context of setting up a support group, volunteers with vehicles are needed to assist the work of the research team for injured animals. Each group should be supported by a veterinarian for immediate diagnosis which will determine any need for transport. Meeting place Karamanlis Park (Argonauton Street, PC 19009) in Rafina today at 18:00.

We wish as few losses as possible for all these families affected.

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